Bank List

Commercial Banks play a very vital role in our line of business and we take as an honor for us for receiving unqualified support and confidence from the banks as an enlisted nominated Clearing & Forwarding Agent:

    1. Tha Honkkong Bank Ltd, Dhaka.
    2. Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, Dhaka
    3. Sonali Bank Ltd.
    4. Janata Bank Ltd.
    5. Agrani Bank Ltd.
    6. Pubali Bank Ltd.
    7. National Bank Ltd.
    8. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
    9. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.
    10. Social Investment Bank Ltd.
    11. United Commercial Bank Ltd.
    12. Uttara Bank Ltd.
    13. Exim Bank Ltd.
    14. The City Bank Ltd.

Our Services

  • Clearing & Forwarding

    we understand the necessity of smooth customs clearing and forwarding for you and your business. Our customs clearing and forwarding experts understand both the local rules and regulations, and the challenges of global business. We use this knowledge to tail individual solutions that can help you make well-informed decisions,reduce lead time, optimise cash flow and keep taxes to a minimum. In short, save costs.

  • Transpotation

    We also have the local transportation agent in Chittagong. We can give all types of facilities regarding transportations. We can provide truck, mini truck, cover van, high-low trailer etc. with the cheapest rate. With the transportaion facility you can get your goods to your home without taking any headache.

Other Services


We do Export Import freight forwarding services if neccessary.


Our efficient, friendly online casino slots team will be delighted to hear from you and be of service. We will answer all your freight clearing questions. We do Export Import consultency services if neccessary.

Customers Clearing Items


Construction All Machineries, Pump Set, Plastic Machine, Boiler Packing, Bottling, Making Fork Lift, Tractor, Railway Equipment, Any Machine for any Industries, Petroleum , Gas Related Items

Commercial Item

Sunglass, Ball Pen, Pencil, Playing Card, Pad Lock, Glass Bangle (Churi), Imitation Juwelary, Zari, Chumki, Baloon, Decoration Paper.


Sharee, Orna, Three Pcs, T. Shirt, Shawal, Synthetic Fabrics Cloth In Length, Steel , Non-ferrous , Plastic.

Steel Wire Rope,

All Valves including API Ball Valve,
Butt Welding fittings, Stud Nuts & Bolds,
ACSR Core Wire for conductor Ferro Silicone Ferro Manganese,
Hot Rolled Steel Strip in Coil, Carbon Steel Seamless Tube,
Stainless Steel Tube, Gas line Tube, Casing, Steel Plate,
Pig Iron, Iron ore, Silicon Steel Sheet in Coil,

All kinds of Inorganic and Organic Chemicals.

Concret Cement Adhesive
Including Octanol (2 Ethylhaxanol), Sodium Sulphate, Anhydrous,
LABSA, Textile, Paper, Leather, Glass,
Cosmetic, Battery, Food Fertilizer, Soap, Match, Paint Chemicals,
Phthalic Anhydrate, Phosphoric Acid, Caustic Soda, Soda ASH,
Scale inhibitors, Poly Aluminium Chloride.
Water Treatment Chemicals, Para-formaldehyde,
Textile auxiliaries chemical.


PVC Resin, High Molecular HDPE, HDPE ,
PE Granules for Cable Jacketing ( Black PE ),
PE Granules for Telephone wire insulation (HDPE),
PE Granules for Cellular Wire Insulation ( FOAM PE ).
SAXASChemicals , Colours , raw-materials , Cement Industry , Ceramic In.

Non Ferrous

Copper Enamel Wire,
Copper Wire Rod 8 mm,
Aluminium Rod 9.5 mm, Aluminums Sheets and Foils,
Zinc Ingot, Copper Cathode, Lead Ingot, Antimony Ingot.


Dyes for Textile,
Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals,
Leather, Paper, Oil, Pigments for plastic,
Paint, Ink and Textile, Master Batch. Fertilizer

Raw materials

Urea, Granular Urea,
Rock Phosphate, Bulk Sulphar,
Phosphoric Acid.

Cement Industries
Clinkers, Fly Ash,

Grinding Media,
Filter Cloth, Dust Collecting Bag,
Refectories, Gypsum, Slag.

Ceramic Items

Plaster of Paris, China Clay,
Ball Clay, Filter Cloth,
Zirconium Silicate, Colours.
xsaxsPharmaceuticals , For Hospital, Clinics & Diagnosis Center

Electrical Items

Power & Distribution Transformer,
Generating Set, Gas & Diesel Driven,
Capacitor Bank, Aluminium Conductors,
Circuit Breaker, Filters, Filters Elements,
Lighting Arrester Power Meters, Insulator, Tower, Motors.


All kinds of Raw materials,
All kinds of Medical Equipments,
Packing Materials, Machinery,
Low dose Contraceptive Pills, Injection,
Copper tea and Male Condom.

Gas Related Items

LPG Cylinder, CNG Cylinder, CNG Fueling Station,
CNG Conversion Kits, Gas Cylinder.
Raw Materials : Cotton Yarn, Polyester Fiber, Mono-filament Yarn, Raw Cotton, Wool, Nylon Yarn.

Auto parts Division

Coolant, Spark Plug, Oil & Air Filters,
Piston & Piston Ring, Bearing, Lubricating oil

For Hospital, Clinics & Diagnosis Center

One time Syringe Laboratory Apparatus,
Scientific Instruments.
Electrical Items , Machinery


Mobile Oil,
Transformer Oil, Compressor Oil,
Petroleum Jelly BP Grade,
Petroleum Jelly for Cable Industries,
White Oil, Lubricant Oil, Crude Oil.